Lo.Bloo Thai cup 2.0 toque Heren.

€39,95 €44,99

Absoluut uniek, top product uit Zweden. Deze toque kan een impact van 4 ton verdragen en is de luxe versie van de stalen Thai cup. Band is volledig op je eigen maat af te stellen, dus past altijd. Wasbaar dus hygiënisch. In de kleur zwart.

English: Patented ergonomics for full-time protection Follows your every move, providing 100% protection at all times. Designed by Swedish martial arts Olympians, the Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 offers the ultimate protection in close-contact sports such as MMA, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Krav Maga. Thai Cup 2.0 was developed with one express purpose: to provide 100% protection in every situation without hindering movement or distracting the athlete. Virtually unbreakable – withstanding a pressure of up to 4 tonnes – your Thai Cup 2.0 will keep its snug fit right through any action. It features Lo Bloo’s patented comfort fit system, enabling you to set it up once and for all, leaving it perfectly adjusted throughout and in between training sessions and competitions. What’s more, thanks to its ergonomic shape and soft lining, the Thai Cup 2.0 offers superior comfort and redistributes impact forces evenly. Superior hygiene Smooth body prevents build-up of bacteria, and the entire assembly is machine-washable. No between-the-buttocks string or heavy metals. Your Thai Cup 2.0 gives peace of mind in the truest sense: freedom from thought. It’s just like another indestructible part of you – something you don’t have to think about. No matter what’s coming your way, you know that you’ll be alright. You can take it. Your Lo Bloo shipment includes • Thai Cup 2.0 body • Waist band • Leg straps • Mesh bag for storage and washing. Bekijk hier de instructie video: https://youtu.be/Gg4xppDznsM