Lo.Bloo Aerofit Toque Heren Adults



 One size fits all product van het Zweedse top product Lo.Bloo Volledig op maat instelbaar.

Volledig op je eigen maat af te stellen dus past altijd. Wasbaar dus hygiënisch. In de kleur geel. PRODUCT DETAILS The Aerofit has a spacious cup and a slim profile, making it suitable to wear either over or underneath your clothing. The lower part of the cup has a supporting plate to keep everything in place. Aerofit features lobloo’s patented comfort fit system, enabling you to set it up just once and it then stays perfectly adjusted throughout and in between training sessions and competitions. It is fully machine washable. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and removable soft silicone lining, the Aerofit offers superior comfort and redistributes impact forces evenly. The cup is made polycarbonate, the same material used for bulletproof vests, making it virtually unbreakable. Patented Ergonomics – Aerofit has an ergonomic design that follows your every move for 100% protection all the time. Unrestricted movement – Aerofit’s lightweight and shaped to free your inner thighs. Move as swift and free as if you had no cup at all. Superior comfort – Aerofit’s soft removable silicone lining and the Lobloo fitting system will make you forget it’s there. Superior stability – Aerofit’s keeled design keeps the cup centered and stable. Prevents whipping – Aerofit stays snuggly in place, preventing whipping on impact. One-time setup – Fit your Aerofit once and it will stay perfectly adjusted throughout and in between sessions. Superior hygiene – Aerofit’s smooth design prevents a build-up of bacteria and all of it is machine-washable. Your lobloo shipment includes: Aerofit cup, Adult size, male 16+ years Waistband Leg straps Mesh bag for storage and washing WHO IS IT FOR? Aerofit athletic groin cup is a genital protection designed for standing and fast-moving sports where you require optimal protection, sports such as ice hockey, football, rugby, and Thai boxing for instance. Created from our ongoing trial and error testing where elite hockey players tried out the lobloo Thai Cup 2.0 groin cup and found the shapeless suitable for their specific movements. This provided us with the insight that different activities require different protection. Aerofit atheletic cup went through almost fifteen prototypes until perfection was reached. The goal was to create a cup that you could use for one hour of running without obstruction or discomfort. The solution was a slimmer shape that free the inner thighs and prevent chafing from constantly pending legs. The Aerofit groin cup was born. Since adults, teens, and kids all have different bodies the lobloo Aerofit comes in different versions. Aerofit athletic cup will make you feel safe without feeling a thing. Move unrestricted.